About Me

What's up!

Hey there, I'm Unifrog! 

I saw that most websites like the one I'm trying to build have "about me" pages, so I figured that was an easy first page for me to make, although I'm not really sure what to say here...

My name "unifrog" is inspired by combining my favorite animal, frogs, with unicorns. I came up with the idea when I was 12... and somehow "frog with a unicorn horn" just stuck and has been my online identity since then! I'm not as much of a unicorn person as I was back then, but I'm still a frog person :D 

I first heard of Neocities a few months ago from a post on Tumblr, and I explored some random websites on my phone and found them to be fascinating! Not long after, I got a laptop :D and I knew when I got it that it was the perfect opportunity to give website building a try! It seems that most people on these sites are either artists or coders, and I don't have experience in either fields, so all this is a little overwhelming but I'm excited to learn!! I'm just using some generators to get me started (currently writing this on Hekate's layout builder!)

I'm not sure exactly what I'll be putting on this site, but I have some ideas written on my homepage!